Top 5 Things I Learned as a New Early Intervention Therapist ~ by Haley, Shine DT

Shine Developmental Therapist (DT) Haley wrote this list 2 months after joining us. Early Intervention in Illinois is a State run program, and as such can be cumbersome and confusing to navigate at first. However, there are so many positives to the family-based team approach! Let’s read about Haley’s Top 5 as a new therapist […]

Siblings & Early Intervention ~ by Nicolle, Shine DT

Siblings can feel like they are being left out when their brother or sister is having therapist(s) come to see them and play. They want to join and play as well.  The best way to include them is to have them help with the therapy. As a therapist, I love including siblings. They help model […]