Allie is amazing! She has been totally flexible during all the quarantine changes, attentive to both my own input as well as my son's needs, and knowledgeable in her suggestions of strategies to help him improve.

Kristin and Ally are very good and I’ve seen their effort to help my son reach his goals in feeding.

Allie has been a major asset to belong our son move forward with his speech goals. She’s kind, patient and compassionate. We look forward to continuing our therapy services once the covid restrictions are lifted again.

We love Ms. Paula! My son had Ms. Paula for speech when he was in EI and he is currently seeing her for social skills. I feel like she understands the things we are going through with our son. She is knowledgeable and is very relatable. It helps to feel supported and not so alone.

Monica was wonderful to work with! We always felt comfortable with her and she was very knowledgeable with the steps we needed to take to get our girl Walking! Michelle was also very nice and personable every time we saw her! They both are fantastic at what they do!

Working with Sarah the past 6 months has been wonderful. She is has been so helpful. The improvements my son has made in his communication is truly amazing. Thank you Shine Therapy for all you do!

We are so happy with Allie! Even though virtual, Allie has been able to develop a relationship with my son. And even my oldest is always excited to say Hi to her too!

We LOVE working with Kristen. She engages my son so well and really listens and responds to any and all of my concerns. She has helped me feel more confident in helping him excel in his therapies and meeting his needs.

Our therapist, Meghan O'Malley (Moredock), was absolutely amazing. There was an immediate connection between her and our 2-year-old. Meghan perfectly balanced and blended play-time with teaching and learning, and also made sure to set aside time for me to discuss concerns and ask questions. She would respond immediately to texts and emails, and checked up on us periodically during the transition from in-person to teletherapy. The early intervention therapy Meghan provided has had a profound influence on our child's development that will undoubtedly benefit him as he continues to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

My child had several different services and I found all of them to be very beneficial and loved working with all of the therapists. They were very great at communicating goals and what I needed to try to work on at home. If something didn't work they were not hesitant to give me different ideas. I also work in a preschool and have had the opportunity to work with Shine in the classroom with other children. I found them to be just as amazing with other children as they were with my own. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!

Liz Ryan and Monica Stewart have been exceptional with my son! Not to mention Lisa is amazing. She goes above and beyond with every question about billing and insurance I ask. (I ask a lot of questions) Love Shine!! Thank you all for your hard work.

Rachel Yontz is awesome and got my son to participate even when he was being difficult!

We had two amazing therapist. Colleen, who my daughter started with and grew so much in the time they had and Tina who we only had for a short time using virtual sessions, but made an impact on my daughter that she started asking right away for Ms. Tina. I wish I could tell you what more you could do but I feel the team we've had are already amazing!

Paula was excellent! All therapy sessions with her went great and we appreciated her time with us! The whole process of getting started with in home therapy seemed forever drug out and then very shortly after we got started Covid hit and messed everything up. We didn’t start online therapy right away but we did eventually. Brecken improved tremendously and is now discharged from speech. He continues to do great! I would strongly recommend continuing to do in home/in person therapy and taking whatever precautions necessary to keep it going. These kids NEED therapy in person.

We love our therapist. She is very friendly, kind, and patient with my super active kid. She is always smiling and takes things very positively.