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Early Intervention

Baby won’t let go to take steps?

👉 Is your little one is only standing but won’t take steps? Most likely, they need more time! On average, it takes most children 2-3 months from when they are standing/cruising to start stepping on their own. 

Autism related

PLAY Project- Information for Parents

In summer 2021, Shine added the PLAY Project to our list of offerings, hiring PLAY Project consultant Brenna Thompson! We are so excited to welcome


Compromising with Toddlers

By Allie, Shine SLP Toddler Compromise. The relationship with your child can often feel like being in a constant state of negotiation.  You may feel

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The Roles of the Dietitian and Feeding Therapist in the Early Intervention Setting

Date: 3/20/20 12:30-2:00pm (Check-in 12pm)
Cost: $10.00

Presented By: Kristin Faulkner, SLP/Feeding Therapist & Ally Cole, Dietitian

This course will look at the collaborative roles of the feeding therapist and dietitian in the assessment and treatment of children with pediatric feeding disorders in the Early Intervention System.

Approved for 1.5 credit hours by the Early Intervention Training Program in Illinois


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