About Shine Therapy

 At Shine, we recognize that every family is unique and honor each child’s individual personality while partnering with parents to promote skill development. 

Shine Therapy Services was founded in 2011, with the goal of providing more children with therapy services provided by experienced professionals.

We employ speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and developmental therapists. Children in Peoria and surrounding areas are assessed and treated primarily in their home environments in order for them to be most comfortable and show the most progress. Shine therapists provide therapy in homes, daycares, and other community locations (such as libraries or other public buildings), as well as in our clinic on Allen Road in Peoria. All therapists are credentialed with the Early Intervention Program in Illinois.

Core Values


We value all family structures and cultures as equal, and have an attitude of acceptance and support toward every family we serve.


We’re here to provide information and guide families to the next best steps for their child to improve skills. Families, therapists, office staff, doctors — we’re all team members in the therapy process.

Supporting the Parent-Child Relationship

We value the parent-child relationship above skill improvement, and model and coach positive behavior management strategies to preserve and strengthen that relationship.


We’re responsive and caring in our communication, and value sharing all available information with parents. We’re dedicated to being transparent in everything from our billing process to information relating to a child’s therapy and diagnosis.

Investing in Staff

We value dedication and have a long-term commitment to our employees. We encourage self improvement, professional development and training, and other leadership activities to build our skills.


We love encouraging our employees to follow their passion and grow Shine in directions to support them. 


We empower families to help their children thrive.

We understand how scary it can be when your child is falling behind, and our team of experienced professionals is here to support your child and family. To get started schedule an appointment today, and in the meantime, take our quiz! It’s time to stop worrying and instead, start feeling confident that you have the right guidance to help your child thrive.

What to Expect

Relationship-based Therapy Strategies

Our relationship-based therapy strategies are designed to help your child accomplish important skills and make your family’s daily life a little easier.

Early Intervention Certified Therapists

Our team of therapists joyfully works with children who have autism, processing disorders, articulation disorders, feeding disorders, ADHD, and more!

Services That Fit Your Schedule

We’re happy to work wherever your child is most comfortable. We’re able to complete our pediatric therapy services in homes, daycares, libraries, and other community locations. 

Our Location

We moved into our current clinic in July of 2018. It is located at: 7213 N Allen Road, Peoria IL 61614right next door to Khaki Jacks!


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