PLAY Project as a treatment for Autism….What Does the Research Say?

When you have concerns about your child, you want the best possible help for them, especially in the early years when intervention is so key. Here’s some information about the research behind PLAY Project as well as a comparison chart comparing PLAY Project techniques/goals to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques/goals. Is there evidence that the […]

PLAY Project- Information for Parents

In summer 2021, Shine added the PLAY Project to our list of offerings, hiring PLAY Project consultant Brenna Thompson! We are so excited to welcome her to Central Illinois! We have had LOTS of questions about PLAY Project, so here’s a quick Q & A about the program: What is the PLAY Project?  The PLAY […]

“Why are you just playing when I want my child to talk?”

By PLAY Project Consultant, Brenna …. But I want my child to talk!!! This is what I hear from families very very very often. As a parent, I understand how helpful this is! If our kiddos could just TELL us what they need, life would be SO MUCH easier, right!? While I completely understand the […]

Stopping the “stimming”….a developmental therapist’s view.

How it feels to a kiddo when we stop them from “stimming”….Is it harmful when someone forces them to stop or suppress their “stimming?” You bet it is! Speak to someone on the autism spectrum about how it feels. They describe it as very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. It causes their nervous system to […]