Testimonials from Central Illinois

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Ziemba/Shine Therapy for the past 7 years. During this time I worked as a service coordinator in Early Intervention, with my main responsibility of offering provider choices to families in the program. Although my job was to be impartial to all providers, when providing families with the facts of each provider, it was easy to see why so many families chose Shine Therapy. Not only is Sarah and her team extremely competent, they have an excellent rapport with families, always taking time to connect and explain details. Sarah is organized, timely and has excellent verbal and written communication. Sarah takes time to follow up with families and provides additional resources, even if the child was not eligible for ongoing services."

Former Early Intervention Service Coordinator

"For the past year, Sarah Oyer has worked with my 6 year old daughter to help her improve her 's' sound. During this time, Sarah has been great at connecting with Kelsey. She is patient and thoughtful during speech therapy sessions and continually brings a creative and engaging approach to helping her improve.  Kelsey looks forward to speech and has fun while working hard with Sarah!  Additionally, Sarah is helpful with additional resources to meet our needs and we are so thankful for her willingness to share practice activities and techniques so we can work with our daughter at home.  Now Kelsey is nearing the end of speech therapy and we have a hard time imagining what our weeks will be like without a visit from Sarah."

Angie, a mom in the Peoria area

“Paula has been nothing short of a blessing to our family. Her vast knowledge, kind disposition, and loving therapy techniques have given my children the support they need to overcome their speech delays. She has not only helped them to be able to effectively communicate but she has provided me with tools I need to support my boys in reaching their goals."

Family in the Washington area

"I'll never forget the first day Sarah came to our home to work with our son Eli.  He was 2 1/2 years old and not yet talking.  My husband and I were so concerned about his development and what the future might hold.  Within a matter of minutes Sarah got Eli to say "go".  I was shocked!  I had tried so many things to get Eli to talk, always without success.  Things progressed very quickly with Eli under Sarah's care.  Within 6 months Eli's vocabulary had expanded by leaps and bounds.  Eli is now 4 1/2 years old and has since transitioned to our school district's early childhood program where he continues to receive speech services.  I'm happy to report that his instructors believe he will move into Kindergarten without the need for an IEP as he is almost at age level for speech and development.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that Sarah came into his life early on to get him on the right track."

Family in the Peoria area

“Sarah Oyer is truly an amazing therapist and person! She has helped my daughter blossom into a child with little to no words to nonstop talking. She has truly been a blessing to us.  Thanks Sarah for all you do! Our family appreciates you so very much."

A mom in Peoria

“Erin's balance of work and play makes sessions incredibly successful and productive. She has guided our daughter through many challenges, and now, our daughter is highly intelligible to us and others. Erin helps to ease our daughter's frustrations and works with her to have confidence in her speech and in her work. We are so grateful for her patience, flexibility and knowledge."

Mom in the Dunlap area

"The caring environment that Michelle and her staff established through their warmth and acceptance allowed our son to flourish socially.  Michelle's excellent communication was not only a source of reassurance to me, but it also allowed me to coordinate new activities and foods into our home life based on what the group was experiencing.  This was truly an incredible experience for our son and we were extremely sad to say goodbye to Michelle and the group."  

Kelly Reddy

"Thank you Abbey. We are going to miss your class and have enjoyed each and every session. You have left a lasting impression in Arya (she still sings the baby signing time song). Her favorite color is also yellow. Thank you again for helping her learn. :)"

Heather and Aaron F

We had a wonderful experience working with Sarah Ziemba as she came to our home every week to work with our son, David, whom at the time had very limited speech. Sarah is very good at what she does. She is very professional and committed to the child and parents she serves. She was very attentive to his individual needs. Sarah was able to obtain our sons attention and keep him focused on the activity. She discovered new ways to keep his attention as he sometimes got "bored" with the activity, he responded very well to her creativity. Sarah brought David out of his shell as therapy progressed. We are grateful that Early Intervention brought Sarah to us. Our son now communicates well. He still has speech therapy, but we have not connected with another therapist as we did with Sarah.  

Stacey Peterson, Brimfield, IL

“Kristy is the best!!! We love her communication and all of the education and resources she gives us for our daughter, Kinsley!!”

Jess, Peoria area Mom

“We had the pleasure of working with Sarah when early intervention recommended speech therapy for my son.  He was only 18 months when we started and quite a challenge. Sarah handled him very creatively and had a great way of getting him to respond to her.  He adored her and would run to the door to greet her every week.  He thought she came  here just to play, not realizing how hard he had to work.  I loved the convenience of home based therapy! We were so blessed to have Sarah come to our home.”  

Deb, Edwards

“We are so grateful for Heather from Shine Therapy. As a result of her speech sessions with our son, she identified that his hearing was causing the speech issues. We took our son to an ear doctor and her suspicions were verified. Without Heather’s advice, we would have not known until much later. After his surgery, he is hearing much better and his speech is quickly improving. Our daycare, where she comes to see my son twice a week for his speech sessions, has commented on many occasions how Heather is one of the best speech therapist they've had in their facility. She is very professional as well as being caring with our son.”

A family in the Dunlap area

“Gena did a great job working with Abby at my home.  She is very approachable and friendly.  Gena was able to communicate with me as a parent as well as working with Abby.  Gena was on time to appointments and flexible with her schedule.  If I had to cancel an appointment Gena made every attempt to reschedule.  We will miss seeing Gena every week!”

Jennifer Young

“After finding out our son was language delayed, we were encouraged to sign up for Abbey's classes, and we are so happy we did! We all love the fun and interactive nature of the classes, and we have learned so much. Our son uses approximately fifteen signs now, clearly communicates with us, and has become less frustrated and more verbal."

Kari Schimmel

“Communication Junction speech therapy group has been an invaluable resource for our entire family.  Our little boy has Down Syndrome and has learned to sign over 75 words in his first year of classes.  He loves Abbey's classes because she uses a multisensory instructional approach.  We are very grateful for all that she has taught us!"

Matt & Wendy O'Hanlon

“My daughter, Sam had been recently diagnosed as having a speech delay and was in speech therapy. We started taking classes with Abbey hoping that maybe we could help Sam communicate with us better.  I can 100% say that starting to sign with Sam was the turning point with her speech development.   Sam was not only picking up the signs, but also the words and while it was not an overnight success story, the ability to have an actual conversation with our daughter meant the world to us."

Angela Malmgren

“Sarah Ziemba is a ray of sunshine! The first day we met her I knew I wanted her to work with my son. She is energetic, caring, loving, knowledgeable, organized and most importantly super fun! My son absolutely loved speech with Sarah! In fact, he talks about it still even after we have moved three hours away. She always had the best toys and games for speech that made working on speech just seem like a fun time with a friend! We are currently looking for a new speech teacher and Sarah sure set the bar high. We are hoping to find someone half as good as she is! Any child would be so blessed to be able to work with Sarah Ziemba. She is the real deal and we will miss working with her!!!”

*Family in Elmwood, IL

“When we started working with Amy my son had a very strong oral aversion and we feared he may never enjoy eating the traditional way. Amy helped us set goals and with her years of experience, she helped us develop strategies and gave us the tools to accomplish those goals. Amy has celebrated many feeding milestones with our son and our family can now look forward to mealtime together. We know this would not have been possible without Amy's patience and expertise!”

Kara, Parent in Eureka

“We LOVE Amy! Not only did she get my little one talking so others could understand but she helped take the fight out of meal time. Without Amy my daughter would probably still not drink out of an open cup and would be feeding tube dependent.”

Julie, Mom in East Peoria

"Sarah Ziemba was a blessing in our daughter Shelby's life.  Sarah not only had to work with Shelby on her speech, she also had to deal with the fact that she was so shy.  She knew exactly how to work with Shelby to make her feel comfortable and open up.  Thanks to Sarah, Shelby made huge strides with her speech that everyone noticed.  She even taught us ways to help Shelby.  We would recommend Sarah to any of our family and friends!"

Rob and Robin

"We are thankful for Kristin, for helping us with our son Sam who had an oral aversion.  He is doing awesome today and we couldn't have done it without her!  We had trouble getting him off pureed foods, and now one of his favorite foods is spaghetti!"

Julie, Mom in East Peoria

"Michelle's developmental play group was a huge tool in my son's therapy for childhood apraxia of speech. The group provided him with peer role models in a fun, play-based setting. Just as important as seeing the other children interact, it also served as a safe place to try out his new speech skills with other children. My son thrived in Michelle's group because she creates an environment that builds confidence and nurtures each child's individuality. We were very blessed to have Michelle as our son's developmental therapist."

CS, mother of a child in Early Intervention

"Sarah Ziemba is a rock star speech therapist! She helped my son Gray grow exponentially in his speech in the year that she worked with him.  She mixed fun and work and had a way to magically make an almost two year old (boy!) sit still and engage for an ENTIRE HOUR!!! When we left IL one of our saddest moments was leaving Miss Sarah because she helped lessen the frustration of not understanding our son and gave us a child we could understand almost all of the time!  Thank you Miss Sarah! Anyone who chooses her as a therapist is making a very wise investment of their time and certainly their resources!"

Family in the Peoria area